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Having an ESI business communications system lets you choose from among a variety of our attractive and highly convenient ESI phones. Each is a great addition to virtually any office decor, but it’s far more than just a “pretty face.”

ESI 250 Smartphone - Smartphone for the Desktop
Coming soon . . .
The ESI 250 Smartphone
. . . Smartphone for the Desktop™

Each desktop model — whether ESI 60 Business Phone, ESI 40 Business Phone, 48-Key Feature Phone, or 24-Key Feature Phone — has a sealed membrane below the keys to make it virtually spill-proof; and the sturdy multi-position angled base lets it fit on any desk or counter space so you can easily see the status of the display and keys. Each ESI desktop phone also can be wall-mounted. The ESI 60 and ESI 40 models also include adjustable backlit displays, and the ESI 60 has a high-definition full-duplex speakerphone.1

ESI’s Cordless Handset II provides mobility to users who are constantly on the move in the office. There are three models of the compact, lightweight Cordless Handset II, and each provides the same rich feature set as the 24-Key Feature Phone, plus ESI’s exclusive Quick Switch™ for maximum ease when switching back and forth between your ESI desktop phone and your Cordless Handset II.2