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Dedicated ports for voicemail and automated attendant are critical to a busy office.

In the early days of voicemail, the cost of voicemail ports was high, so it was common for an existing system to have only two or four port voicemail. This kept the original purchase price low, but caused big problems as companies grew. For instance, on a two-port system, while two people are listening to their messages, no one can leave a message until one of the two ports is available. If you’ve noticed that when you retrieve your voicemail you frequently get a busy or a ring no answer, that may be why.

Our smallest server, the 6x, has eight ports. And our largest server has 16 ports. These ports are completely independent of our automated attendant ports, which are used only for answering calls, playing a welcome greeting and asking callers to dial extension digits. We also have eight unique ports on our 6x and 16 unique ports on our larger server.

If you want your email messages to include a .wav file of a voicemail someone just left for you, we offer that at no additional cost.