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Robust and Customizable

If you are most comfortable having all the lines appear on all your phones, you can continue to do so with Allworx. No matter which method you use, “Hold and Page” or “Answer and Transfer,” you can continue operating your way. Allworx can match the way your business is organized and preserve the functions that you want to maintain when you switch to us.

SIP trunks are not really trunks in the traditional sense, everyone else puts them into a “dial access” group (i.e. dial “8” for SIP). Allworx systems let you make them act just like direct lines. Need six SIP trunks and four copper telephone trunks? We can put them on the phone as ten direct line appearances. So the migration to an Allworx system is a breeze. If you check with our competitors, be sure to ask how they manage this process.