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Call Center Applications Designed For a Variety of Customers

Offering better service than your competitors is one of the surest ways to grow and be profitable. While business cycles aren’t always predictable, your responsiveness to customers must be. Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD, makes it easier to offer consistently solid customer service.

Some companies hesitate to consider ACD because they feel they don’t need it or they consider it impersonal. But if you deal with varying volumes of inbound calls that must be handled uniformly by a small group of people, Allworx can help. If you walk through your workplace and hear a lot of phones ringing without being immediately answered, ACD will absolutely help.

It’s simple: ACD will answer a call and direct it to the best person to handle the caller’s needs. It regulates the pace of your call center while delivering valuable tracking information on how many calls were made to any given department—or individual within the department—so you can run a tighter, more productive call center.

Allworx ACD lets you

  • Define how and where those calls go and to whom.
  • Select the order for the calls based on any of four sophisticated algorithms.
  • Adapt the number of agents needed for the volume of calls as your business grows.